Our Methods For Success

Our team of commercial carpet experts have developed a method and process that ensures quick turnaround and commercial flooring success when installing commercial carpet tiles. We’ve perfected the smartest solution for re-flooring occupied commercial areas and make great savings in time and money when doing so

How Does It Work

1. Initial Tidy Up

At the end of the working day, your employees pack away their things in to desk drawers and generally make the area tidy. Nothing needs to get moved or packed into boxes. Filing cabinets and storage cupboards can remain filled and in place.

2. Carpet Removal

The old carpet gets removed. If it is old broadloom carpet, it is cut out and removed. Old carpet tiles are lifted and stacked for removal. In cases where an entire floor are is too large to be done in a single evening or weekend, we’ll just remove the part being replaced. No need to vacate the whole area.

3. Furniture Lifting and Moving

Desks, Partitions and large furniture are lifted using special purpose designed jacks. These are raised hign enough to allow the new modular commercial carpet tiles to be installed. No cabling or power is required to be disconnected. Small furniture items such as filing cabinets are placed on special slides to allow easy relocation just out of the way to allow carpet installation.

4. Commercial Carpet Tile Installation

Working to plan, our expert installers lay carpet tiles in the style and pattern that you require. Being modular and glueless, the carpet tiles are laid quickly and accurately. Unlike traditional broadloom carpet, carpet tiles are easy to deliver and handle without needing to work out how to manage large cumbersome rolls.

5. Reset Furniture

All furniture is then lowered or moved back in to position. Because there is no glue used, furniture can be put back and areas walked on as soon as installation is complete.

6. People Return

Next morning, the staff / employees / tenants return to their newly updated environment, ready to get back to work, amazed by the change that has been made.

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