Commercial Carpet Tile Advantage

It’s hard to go past the many benefits of replacing your old commercial carpet with modular commercial carpet tiles.

More Efficient Installation – Less Down Time

The entire process of replacing old carpet with new carpet tiles is much quicker than traditional flooring methods. Icon Floors have perfected their innovative approach and regularly manage to complete installations up to 2.5 times faster than the average carpetĀ installation. That means a total reduction in your overall cost with reduced security costs, no moving and relocation costs and no requirement for other trades (data & electrical). There’s no underlay required and less mess and dust created, all round a better experience.

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Endless Design Possibilities & Creativity

Modular Commercial Carpet Tiles are a great way to add the finishing touch to your commercial interior. The design possibilities are virtually endless, giving you the freedom to create color schemes and patterns that really suits your decor and complements your brand. Icon Floors can work with your interior designer, or we can come up with a unique flooring plan just for you.

Easy Maintenance & Longer Life

Most of our Commercial Carpet Tile Range are treated with stain resistant solutions and are manufactured using high quality materials and dyes for superior wear and colorfastness. They wont stretch, shrink, curl or bubble and should look great for the life of the floor. And even if a section of floor is stained or damaged, individual tiles can be lifted and replaced easily.